About Us

tryspect-aboutTRYSPECT SOLUTIONS is a fast rising publishing and writing agency registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria, in accordance with the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990, in pursuant to section 659.

We are an agency that delivers prompt and unique services with optimum world class standard.

At Tryspect Solutions, we are driven by the passion to rescue the constantly plunging book publishing and writing industry in Nigeria.
Our mission is to create total access to affordable, accessible and high quality publishing, research, writing and reading across literary and creative communities.

We have seen a need that is barely met in the writing and publishing industry, and our desire is to meet that need. We aim to see a Nigeria where quality writing and publishing services are obtained with ease and at affordable price.

To produce high quality publications and create sound drafts that articulates the minds and needs of clients.

To create total access to research, writing and reading across literary, creative and business communities.