Sip through pleasures, take a joy ride through tasteful adventures and paint your world red with magic moments that Campari offers. Bring to reality your imaginations through its magical blend of bitter sweet taste that is redefined to charge up your inner instincts. It’s not a groove until it’s a smooth groove with CAMPARI. So be free, explore and enjoy the moments shared.

For five years and counting, CAMPARI has carved a niche as Nigeria’s number one Aperitif. It’s the unique and distinct feature of Italian Aperitif makes every serving just perfect. Serve it straight or as a cocktail, its versatility is unmatched; tailored to blend with every mixture and variation with its uniquely distinct red colour and appeal.

CAMPARI is the skylight on a dark night, the sunset at the beach. It’s the love in a glass enjoyed by lovers, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary moments shared. It’s the wild on a safari and the camp in camping. Upgrade to the trend; lockdown on something new the next time you are in the bar and be sure to be the party in the club as you fire up your inner self. The moment awaits you, seize it and make a bold statement.

Once you go CAMPARI you can’t go back. Make every moment count, show class and style with a glass. Your world is yours, so paint it. Paint it CAMPARI RED.

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