CRITIQUE: Before you drop your pen and scream “Eureka!” Let us help you do the final evaluation of your work. A careful and detailed analysis of any work is as indispensable as the work itself; no matter the field. A proper Strength and weakness Analysis of your work might just be all you need to make it a master piece.

While we analyze the strength and weakness of your work against fact and logic, we will suggest ways for improvement; whether books, articles, business proposals or etc.The true test of a work is one done by Tryspect Solutions. WE WILL POLISH YOUR WORK.

PROOFREADING: Error and typo free books go a long way to give the author or writer a level of credibility. Anyone can make mistake in the process of writing a book. Even when you think it is error free, most times these errors rear their ugly heads just when you never expect them. The omission or addition of an unintended letter or word could go a long way to ruin a job of many weeks or years.

Our proofreaders will help you cross the ‘t’ and dot the ‘I’. They will scrutinize your work for semantic and syntax errors. Every letter, word, phrase or sentence will go through our searchlight.